School of Biological Sciences


  • Winter Bootcamp 2017 (science_news, Events, Science Intranet News) Event as iCalendar
    10 July 2017 - 14 July 2017, 9am - 4:30pm
    Winter Bootcamp is a week long training and education to help researchers up-skill research digital skills.
  • Giant invasive lizards in Fernando de Noronha and the Brazilian way of doing conservation (Biodiversity and Biosecurity, Biological Science, Seminars) Event as iCalendar
    17 July 2017, 1 - 2pm
    Carlos Abrahão, an environmental analyst at the National Center for the Conservation of Reptiles and Amphibians, ICMBio, Brazilian Ministry of Environment will give a talk on his current work and perspective on what Brazil is doing to obtain support from researchers and its population to order to study and protect its megadiversity.

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