The kākāpō: Conservation science in action Event as iCalendar

(Biodiversity and Biosecurity, Biological Sciences, Environment, Seminars)

17 May 2017

1 - 2pm

Venue: Federation of Graduate Women’s Suite, Old Government House

Location: Corner of Princes Street and Waterloo Quadrant, City Campus

Host: School of Biological Sciences

Cost: Free - all welcome

Contact info: Dr Mike Taylor

Contact email: or ext. 82280

Dr Andrew Digby holding a kākāpō
Dr Andrew Digby and friend

The kākāpō: Conservation science in action

Dr Andrew Digby, Science Advisor Kākāpō/Takahē, Department of Conservation


The kākāpō (Strigops habroptilia) is the world’s largest and only flightless parrot. Four decades of conservation effort has seen the species bounce back from the brink of extinction, with the population tripling from a low of 51 birds in 1995 to 154 today. However, kākāpō are still critically endangered, and face threats from inbreeding, disease and low fertility. 

Dr Andrew Digby from the Department of Conservation Kākāpō Recovery Programme will highlight the ground-breaking conservation and management behind the recovery of the species, including advances in genetics, artificial insemination, nutrition and technology. He will describe the challenges for the future of kākāpō, and the innovative and collaborative methods used to find solutions to them.