Building chains: Regulating ubiquitin transfer by RING E3 ligases Event as iCalendar

(Biodiversity and Biosecurity, Biological Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Seminars)

19 June 2017

1 - 2pm

Venue: Mac 1, Biology Building

Location: 5 Symonds Street, City Campus

Host: School of Biological Sciences

Cost: Free - all welcome

Professor Catherine Day
Professor Catherine Day

Building chains: Regulating ubiquitin transfer by RING E3 ligases

Professor Catherine Day, Department of Biochemistry, School of Biomedical Sciences, University of Otago

Protein ubiquitylation plays a key role in regulating the logic of many signalling pathways as it determines the abundance of proteins and modulates protein-protein interactions.

Ubiquitin E3 ligases have an essential role as they are responsible for both the activation of the E2 ubiquitin conjugating enzyme, and substrate recruitment. Many E3 ligases are defined by the presence of a RING domain that binds the E2 and promotes ubiquitin transfer.

The research in Professor Catherine Day’s laboratory is focused on understanding how the E3 ligase activity of the RING domains is regulated. In this seminar, Professor Day will describe the molecular analysis of several different RING-E3 ligases that have essential roles in regulating cell survival. She will also highlight importance of protein-protein interactions in regulating activity.