Biological Anthropology | Open laboratory afternoon Event as iCalendar

30 April 2018

1 - 3pm

Venue: Room 706, Level 7, Human Sciences Building

Location: 10 Symonds Street

Contact info: Ashleigh Fox

Contact email:



We are opening up our teaching and research spaces for two hours on Monday 30 April, so everyone can come and explore what laboratory work we do as Biological Anthropologists and Archaeologists.

Our student volunteers will be cataloguing research collections, PhD students will be working on research material and our hominid evolution and raw material teaching collections will be on display for you to ask us all those burning questions you’ve had!

Please direct any enquiries to the Technical Officer, Ashleigh Fox, email or phone (09) 923 5922.

Free entry and we can accommodate up to 50 people at any one time, but people can wander in and out at any point during the time.