Joint Seminar | Estimation of inbreeding, kinship and population structure parameters Event as iCalendar

16 November 2018

1 - 2pm

Venue: Science Centre 303-G15

Location: 23 Symonds Street

Host: School of Biological Sciences and Department of Statistics

Contact info: Anna Santure

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Professor Bruce Weir
Professor Bruce Weir

Speaker: Professor Bruce Weir, Department of Biostatistics, University of Washington, Washington, US

Knowledge of inbreeding, kinship and population structure is important for many aspects of population, quantitative, ecological, human and forensic genetics. These quantities can all be framed in terms of probabilities of pairs of alleles being identical by descent, within and between individuals, or within and between populations.

Values of the various parameters can be predicted if the individual or population pedigrees are known. With information about only the observed individuals or populations, however, it can be difficult to estimate the parameters. Many current estimators use functions involving squares and products of sample allele frequencies and this can result in rankings of kinship estimates, for example, that do not reflect the rankings of the pedigree values for a set of individuals.

Professor Weir and his colleagues are having success with approaches based on allele matching proportions, without explicit use of sample allele frequencies. In this seminar, he will present results from recent papers in Genetics and Molecular Ecology and some unpublished work with simulated, human and natural population data.