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Novel mutational mechanisms for human diseases: The role of anomalous results in discovery Event as iCalendar

29 April 2019

1 - 2pm

Venue: Mac 1 Biology Building

Location: 5 Symonds St

Host: SBS

Professor Pragna Patel
Professor Pragna Patel

Speaker: Professor Pragna Patel, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine and the Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California, USA

Professor Patel’s laboratory has pursued the discovery of the genetic basis of a number of inherited disorders over the past three decades. Several of the discoveries came about from anomalous results that have led to new paradigms for the basis of human disease and made possible DNA-based tests for diagnosing the diseases.

In this seminar, Professor Patel will share the stories behind each of these discoveries and their implications.