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When is a microbiomic perspective essential in otitis media? When is it overkill? Event as iCalendar

19 July 2019

12 - 1pm

Venue: Mac 1 Biology Building

Location: 5 Symonds St

Host: SBS

Contact info: Mike Taylor

Contact email:

Dr Robyn Marsh
Dr Robyn Marsh

Speaker: Dr Robyn Marsh, Menzies School of Health Research, Darwin, Australia

Otitis media (OM) is a common disease among children from around the world. Chronic OM disproportionately affects First Nations populations in developed countries, including Australia and New Zealand. OM-related hearing loss can negatively impact school achievement, resulting in lifelong impacts.

There is growing interest in applying microbiomic methods to understand the role of polymicrobial interactions in OM pathogenesis. This presentation will review current understanding of the upper airway and ear microbiomes in OM, with a focus on disease affecting children with early-onset and chronic OM.

In this seminar, Dr Robyn Marsh will explore gaps between the classical Koch’s postulates-based OM model (pathogen-centric) and emerging microbiomic perspectives.

For more information please contact Mike Taylor,

Please note the special time of 12pm on Friday 19th July.