• Social and cultural lives of animals vital tool for conservation
    27 February 2019
    Young animals learn social and cultural behaviours from the adults around them just like humans do. Scientists say these learned social behaviours are a powerful conservation tool.
  • Why we should celebrate NZ’s latest fruit fly detection
    22 February 2019
    Fruit fly detections are really New Zealand’s biosecurity system operating at its best, writes Professor Jacqueline Beggs.
  • Do crows plan ahead just like humans playing chess?
    08 February 2019
    New study shows crows have ability to plan three behaviours ahead in a way that may be similar to humans planning moves in chess.
  • Keeping a low profile is for the birds
    31 January 2019
    It has long been assumed that colourful plumage puts birds at higher risk of being spotted by a predator but a new study has a surprising finding – being dull and brown doesn’t necessarily increase the chances of survival.
  • Educator and philanthropist awarded Honorary Doctorate
    23 January 2019
    German-born scientist and education philanthropist Dr Beate Schuler will be awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Science from the University of Auckland.
  • The SPCA’s inconvenient truth
    14 January 2019
    Opinion: Instead of shooting the messenger, let’s consider what the SPCA says about 1080 and explore innovations for predator control, writes Dr Marie McEntee.
  • Māui’s dolphin: going, going, gone?
    01 January 2019
    Clean, green New Zealand? Not when we may cause extinction of the world's smallest dolphin, writes Veronica Rotman.
  • Meet the new Science Scholars director
    06 December 2018
    Dr Rhys Jones of the Department of Statistics has been named director of the innovative Science Scholars programme at the University of Auckland.
  • Kathleen Curtis Atrium naming ceremony
    30 November 2018
    The Faculty of Science proudly renames the plaza atrium of the Science Centre after prestigious alumna Kathleen Curtis to commemorate 125 years of Women’s Suffrage in New Zealand.
  • University of Auckland researchers honoured
    15 November 2018
    Two leading scientists, Professor John Montgomery and Professor Jadranka Travas-Sejdic, have been honoured in this year’s New Zealand Association of Scientists awards.
  • University of Auckland science research attracts major funding
    08 November 2018
    Three of 15 leading-edge research projects within the Faculty of Science at the University of Auckland have attracted funding from this year’s Marsden fund. Find out more.
  • Science lectures part of Spring Week on campus
    06 November 2018
    Language, sand and sex differences feature in three of the Spring Week lectures, open to the public. Find out more about these Faculty of Science lectures and others available to adult learners.
  • From Science degree to deep blue sea
    01 November 2018
    A Q&A with Science alumnus William Trubridge, first man in the world to freedive to a depth of more than 100 metres.
  • 2018 Hamilton Award | Developing snapper aquaculture through image 'fingerprinting' and genome research
    18 October 2018
    Associate Professor Maren Wellenreuther has been awarded the Hamilton Award, the Royal Society Te Apārangi Early Career Research Excellence Award for Science, for her research to develop new aquaculture-ready species in New Zealand.
  • It's all about ants
    15 October 2018
    Did you know that New Zealand has 11 native species of ants? Associate Professor Margaret Stanley is interviewed on Radio NZ about her research into ants.
  • Meet the trailblazers | Joan Dingley
    21 September 2018
    Joan Dingley's science helped mould-proof tents and radio equipment in the Pacific during World War II. Read more about her and other trailblazing women scientists as part of the NZ Herald's special series to celebrate the 125th anniversary of women's suffrage.
  • Women in science – a celebration of NZ pioneers
    19 September 2018
    Pioneering women scientists who helped pave the way for others are being honoured as part of Women’s Suffrage 125 celebrations by having the University of Auckland’s science departments and schools named after them for one week.
  • Meet the trailblazers | Ingrid Visser
    18 September 2018
    Read about alumna Dr Ingrid Visser's career as a world-leading expert in Orca whales as part of the NZ Herald's special series to celebrate the 125th anniversary of women's suffrage.
  • Major funding for University of Auckland science research
    13 September 2018
    A non-invasive laser probe to detect prostate cancer and developing high-value products from seaweed are just two research projects at the University of Auckland awarded funding from this year’s Endeavour and Smart Ideas science fund allocation.
  • Japan’s whale kill ‘frustrating’ – marine researcher
    06 September 2018
    As Japan comes under fire from international conservation groups alleging more than 50 minke whales were killed inside Antarctic’s Ross Sea Marine Protected Area, New Zealand scientists say important research on whale populations is being undertaken without the need to hunt.