SPARK - Best Business Proposal

28 October 2015

Congratulations to Silas Villas-Boas (far left) and Ninna Granucci (PhD student), Ivan Luis Ullmann and Niloofar Rafati, mentored by Mark Burgess.

The team led by Silas, were awarded one of the prizes for the best business proposal at the Spark Grand Prize Giving event 22 October 2015.

The project will commercialise "Ample Apple," a protein rich flour made by the fermentation of apple pomace. It will be developed as an ingredient in snacks, breakfast bars, pastries and pasta for the vegan and dietary market niches where its low carbohydrate and gluten free characteristics confer special advantages.

The research was undertaken by Silas and Ninna with sponsorship from the Bioprocessing Alliance.