Do females do it differently to males?

13 June 2016

The question of the differences between sexes will once again come to the fore at the School of Biological Sciences with the arrival of new lecturer Dr. Kristal Cain in June. Dr. Cain specialises in the proximate mechanisms and evolutionary forces that shape the evolution of competitive traits, particularly in females, and has worked on a variety of bird species in the United States and Australia before joining the University of Auckland.

“I’m looking forward to working at the University of Auckland and in New Zealand because of the excellent collaborative opportunities, recognition of the importance of field biology, and the incredible array of interesting bird species.” Dr Cain says.

Dr. Cain’s work using an integrative approach, combining behaviour and field studies, genetics, and physiology, to provide a unifying perspective on individual fitness for evolutionary selective processes. As well as publishing in leading international journals her work has also been covered by the Australian Geographic.

The School of Biological Sciences looks forward to welcoming Dr. Cain in to a diverse school with over 100 academic staff working across the breadth of biological disciplines, from Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour to Biomedical, and Cellular, Molecular and Organismal biology.