Xiaoshi High School visit

14 July 2016
Julie McIntosh speaks to students from Xiaoshi High School
Julie McIntosh demonstrates skin cells

Twenty students from Xiaoshi High School in Ningbo, China recently visited the University of Auckland for two days. As part of their University of Auckland experience they participated in two hands-on laboratory sessions at the School of Biological Sciences. In one stream the students got to experience the McGregor Museum collection, one of the best collections of specimens in the Southern Hemisphere, and pin a beetle specimen each in preparation for display in a museum collection. In the other stream students got to experience microscope work to view skin cells and work related to the culturing of human skin. This is cutting edge research currently occurring in SBS to support improvements in reconstructive plastic surgery.

“The students thoroughly enjoyed the hands-on tasks and learnt a great deal from them.  Certainly the students took a lot of photos, including selfies with the presenters, and were talking about what they had done for the rest of the day.  Many commented on how much they had enjoyed their time in Auckland, and how impressed they were with their visit to the University” said visit coordinator Mr Paul Denny from the Department of Computer Science.

The annual visit by students and teachers from Xiaoshi High School has been occurring for a number of years and is supported by a formal agreement between the Faculty of Science and the school.  Xiaoshi high school has an excellent reputation and is considered one of the best schools in Eastern China and was named as one of the "100 Famous Schools in China" by their education ministry.