Hood Fellowship awarded to Professor John Montgomery

10 August 2016
John Montgomery

John Montgomery’s outgoing Hood Fellowship has been awarded principally for a visit to Bristol University hosted by Shane Windsor. Shane graduated in mechanical engineering at the University of Auckland and then did a PhD in Biological Science, with John, where he developed his interest in bio-inspired fluid dynamics, sensing and control.

After a postdoctoral fellowship at Oxford, he gained the position of lecturer in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Bristol. In the time since Shane left the University of Auckland his research has moved into the area of bio-inspired flight control. Meanwhile John’s own programme has taken his long-standing work on cerebellum-like structures in fish and extended that framework to encompass the generic understanding of the role cerebellum in motor control and animal athleticism. The purpose of the Bristol visit is to reunite these two work streams and explore the potential for on-going collaboration and joint publication.  

Professor John Montgomery
Institute of Marine Science and School of Biological Sciences, University of Auckland