PhD in Surgery: expressions of interest

PhD in Surgery: expressions of interest

Several opportunities for undertaking a PhD in Surgery are available starting in 2017.

Supervision will be provided combinations of Professor John Windsor, Dr Anthony Phillips, Dr Jiwon Hong and A/Professor Greg O’Grady.

The doctoral research will be conducted in the Applied Surgery and Metabolism Laboratory at the University of Auckland. It will allow the candidates to learn a wide range of scientific and experimental techniques in a world-class laboratory setting.

The three areas of research are:
• Optimizing intravenous fluid resuscitation protocols and developing strategies for gut protection in experimental acute pancreatitis. This involves collaboration with the University of Sichuan and the conduct of a randomised clinical trial.
• Developing a new paradigm for enteral feeding to reduce the risks and enhance delivery using gut sensing and biofeedback. This involves collaboration with the Surgical Engineering Laboratory, University of Auckland.
• The testing and development of drug delivery systems targeting toxic gut lymph in acute and critical disease to reduce systemic inflammation and organ dysfunction. This involves collaboration with Monash University in Melbourne.

Please contact John Windsor to discuss these opportunities on +64 21 901 930 or