Conservation and Biosecurity

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bird pollination, seed dispersal, mutualism


conservation, biosecurity, community ecology, entomology, ecosystem function


terrestrial ecology, urban, coleoptera, bush reserves


Dr Karen Bourgeois

conservation biology, seabirds, population genetics, insular ecology, biotic interaction


conservation, vertebrate ecology, biosecurity, invasive species


conservation, ecology, behaviour, cetaceans


movement ecology, ornithology, spatial ecology, ecological modelling


sensory ecology, Plant-animal interactions, pollination, animal behaviour, conservation


sexual selection, genital evolution, animal weaponry, terrestrial invertebrates, sexual cannibalism


molecular ecology, molecular evolution, molecular taxonomy,  connectivity, comparative genomics


evolutionary ecology, invasions and community assembly, conservation management


plant ecophysiology, plant-climate interactions, forest carbon and water fluxes, plant water relations, drought