School of Biological Sciences

Life at the School of Biological Sciences

There is more to university life than study. On and off campus, you will find a multitude of cultural, social and leisure activities to entertain and inspire you. There is always something happening, whatever your interests.


What is life like at the School of Biological Sciences (SBS)? Well, there are the legendary dress-up Christmas parties of course but seriously, there is actually quite a lot to life in this department.

SBS is located in the prettiest part of the City Campus, surrounded by greenery and close to the centre of Auckland. Old Government House is just outside the front door, where there is a staff club that PhD students can join and enjoy facilities such as a café and bar (with snooker table), and pleasant outdoor seating.

SBS is a leading academic department. What’s great about it is how many aspects of the Biological Sciences are covered within the department. I can think of few places where you can study dolphins and the biochemistry of mitochondria under one roof. There are weekly departmental seminars, meaning that you get to hear about a really broad spectrum of cutting-edge biology. Scientists are often specialists by nature so these seminars help you think outside your square and open new opportunities for your research.

SBS has a large tea and lunch room and its own outdoor area, which is great for the occasional school barbecue. This area is a hub of activity and is usually full at lunch time. There are no boundaries between staff and students, everyone is welcome.