Planning an MSc

The MSc programme normally consists of a one-year research project that is written up as a thesis.


A PGDipSci in Biological Sciences including BIOSCI 761, or a BSc(Hons) in Biological Sciences, with an average grade of B- or higher in at least 90 points. At least 75 of these points must be in 700 level courses. Applications for admission to the MSc following the Bachelor of Technology (Biotechnology) will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


The MSc in Biological Sciences requires a thesis (BIOSCI 796) worth 120 points. If BIOSCI 761 was not completed as part of the PGDipSci you must obtain permission to complete this course in the first semester of your MSc programme. Students whose qualifying programme was BSc(Hons) are not required to complete BIOSCI 761. Approval into this program requires completion of "The Form".

Enrolment in the 120 point MSc must commence on 1 December, 1 March or 15 July and must be continuous.  The programme may be completed on a full-time basis over 12 months or on a part-time basis over no more than 24 months. Thesis work provides the opportunity for students to learn how to carry out original scientific work, from the development of a topic, through the design and execution of experiments and data collection, to the analysis and writing up of the results as a thesis.

It is also possible that papers may be prepared for publication. Thesis research is the first chance most students have to do independent work, under the supervision of a member of staff whose broad research interests overlap with their own, and to develop their own ideas. However, in most cases, the research topic will be in an area where the supervisor or members of their research group have already carried out preliminary experimental or survey work.

We also offer a two-year MSc programme. For details please consult the online version of the University Calendar: