School of Biological Sciences

Planning a PGDipSci or GradDipSci

If you wish to enter this programme you must have completed the requirements for a BSc, or an approved equivalent, with a Grade Point Average (GPA) ≥3 in the best three BIOSCI courses at Stage III.



For the PGDipSci, students must take courses worth 120 points, at least 90 points of which must be from BIOINF 701, BIOSCI 724-746, 749-761. Up to 30 points may be taken from 600 or 700 level courses in a related subject. The total enrolment for the PGDipSci must not exceed 160 points. Class-size limits have been imposed on all BIOSCI courses.

Students who know that they wish to proceed to the MSc programme on completion of their PGDipSci, must enrol in the Thesis Proposal course (BIOSCI 761) as part of their PGDipSci programme. They must have achieved the required grades* and identified a thesis research topic in consultation with a member of the academic staff who has agreed to supervise the MSc project. Because BIOSCI 761 is offered in both Semester One and Semester Two, confirmation of the research topic and supervision may be deferred until the start of the second Semester of the student’s PGDipSci. Enrolments in this course require completion of the 'Confirmation of Supervision' form. (See below)

*Grades averaging B- or better in the Stage III courses of the undergraduate major or the 700-level courses taken for the PGDipSci.




For students with degrees from non-New Zealand universities, we often recommend that the GradDipSci be taken as a one year bridging programme before entry into the PostGradDipSci and the MSc degree programmes.

Students enrolled for the GradDipSci in Biological Sciences must pass courses with a total value of 120 points at stage 2 and 3 with at least five courses (75 points) at Stage 3. At least three of the Stage 3 courses (45 points) must be from courses offered by the School of Biological Sciences.