School of Biological Sciences

Planning a BSc

If you think you might want to major in Biological Sciences, or study it at higher levels, you will need to plan ahead.

The Bachelor of Science (BSc) programme offers you the opportunity to choose from many subject majors in scientific areas, including Biological Sciences.

The BSc programme can be completed in a minimum of six semesters and requires passes in courses to a total value of 360 points. All Stage I courses and almost all other courses for BSc have a value of 15 points.

The following is required:

  • 300 points in a minimum of three subjects from the BSc schedule
  • up to 30 points may be from other Faculties
  • at least 180 points must be above Stage I
  • at least 60 points at Stage III in a single major and 45 points in any subsequent major
  • at least 75 points at Stage III overall
  • at least 30 points from General Education Schedule approved for BSc.

BSc (Biological Sciences)

To major in Biological Sciences students will require:

  • BIOSCI 101
  • at least 45 points from BIOSCI 100, 102, 103, 104, 106, and 107
  • a minimum of 15 points in at least 2 of the following groups:
    • BIOSCI 201-203
    • BIOSCI 204, 205, 208
    • BIOSCI 206, 207, 210
  • at least 60 points from BIOINF 301, BIOSCI 320 - BIOSCI 396.

A typical workload will involve four courses per semester, equalling an average of eight courses (120 points) per year.