Welcome to the School of Biological Sciences

We offer students, individuals wishing to upskill, and industry a wide range of world-renowned undergraduate and postgraduate subjects, facilities and services. Our school collaborates closely with several leading research centres, and in association with the Institute for Innovation in Biotechnology operates the first dedicated bio-incubator in New Zealand.

  • Viewing diseases though translational lens (Biodiversity and Biosecurity, Biological Sciences, Seminars) Event as iCalendar
    01 December 2017, 12 - 1pm
    Professor Dr Zoya Ignatova will show that translation plays a critical role in modulating disease severity. Moreover, some mutations counteract the devastating effect of a main mutation by fine-tuning translational velocity.
  • Orf virus: From gene discovery to therapeutic products Event as iCalendar
    13 November 2017, 1 - 2pm
    Professor Andrew Mercer from the University of Otago discusses his research on viral virulence and pathogenicity and how some aspects of viruses can be developed as therapeutics for the treatment of a wide range of human diseases.