Welcome to the School of Biological Sciences

We offer students, individuals wishing to upskill, and industry a wide range of world-renowned undergraduate and postgraduate subjects, facilities and services. Our school collaborates closely with several leading research centres, and in association with the Institute for Innovation in Biotechnology operates the first dedicated bio-incubator in New Zealand.

  • Treatment for Huntington’s could be step closer
    12 December 2017
    Scientists believe they have identified one of the very earliest changes in the brain that results in Huntington’s Disease and that the discovery holds a vital clue to developing the first-ever treatment for the disease.
  • Faculty of Science represented in 2017’s highly cited researchers
    30 November 2017
    Professor Andrew Allan from the School of Biological Sciences has been named as one of the world’s most cited researchers in the 2017 Clarivate Analytics Highly Cited Researcher list.
  • Rutherford Discovery Fellows discuss science impact
    22 November 2017
    Rutherford Discovery Fellows from the School of Biological Sciences met this week with MBIE representatives to discuss how science impact is measured in New Zealand.
  • Major funding boost for Science at University of Auckland
    02 November 2017
    Thirteen research projects across mathematics, computer science, cosmology, astrobiology, biological sciences, statistics, chemistry and psychology are funded with $8,778,000 from the Marsden Fund for 2017.
  • Auckland Genomics provides new genetic screening technology
    01 November 2017
    Liam Williams, Kristine Boxen and Clare Gebbie from the School of Biological Sciences' Auckland Genomics have been working with ReproMed to perform pre-implantation genetic screening of embryos. This screening, using next generation sequencing, improves the chance of women in their late 30s getting pregnant using IVF by up to 25 per cent.
  • High-resolution cryoEM of membrane protein complexes (Biodiversity and Biosecurity, Biological Sciences, Seminars) Event as iCalendar
    19 December 2017, 1 - 2pm
    Professor Dr Werner Kühlbrandt from Max Planck Institute of Biophysics (Germany) will be sharing his research on the structure and function of membrane transport proteins using X-ray or electron crystallography, and the structure of large membrane protein complexes using single-particle cryoEM and electron tomography.
  • Viewing diseases though translational lens (Biodiversity and Biosecurity, Biological Sciences, Seminars) Event as iCalendar
    01 December 2017, 12 - 1pm
    Professor Dr Zoya Ignatova will show that translation plays a critical role in modulating disease severity. Moreover, some mutations counteract the devastating effect of a main mutation by fine-tuning translational velocity.
  • Orf virus: From gene discovery to therapeutic products Event as iCalendar
    13 November 2017, 1 - 2pm
    Professor Andrew Mercer from the University of Otago discusses his research on viral virulence and pathogenicity and how some aspects of viruses can be developed as therapeutics for the treatment of a wide range of human diseases.