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We offer students, individuals wishing to upskill, and industry a wide range of world-renowned undergraduate and postgraduate subjects, facilities and services. Our school collaborates closely with several leading research centres, and in association with the Institute for Innovation in Biotechnology operates the first dedicated bio-incubator in New Zealand.

Hello darkness my old friend

Light outshines darkness in the PR department, we feel safe and our day is long. But night time and darkness are key to good health, PhD student Ellery McNaughton explains.

Hihi could struggle to survive

For the first time scientists have shown how lack of genetic diversity in a threatened bird species could limit its ability to adapt to future challenges. Read more.

Rats just kept on coming

Rats have thrived since being introduced into New Zealand but a new study shows they not only spread rapidly, new arrivals kept jumping ship. Associate Professors James Russell and Rachel Fewster explain.