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Welcome to the School of Biological Sciences

We offer students, individuals wishing to upskill, and industry a wide range of world-renowned undergraduate and postgraduate subjects, facilities and services. Our school collaborates closely with several leading research centres, and in association with the Institute for Innovation in Biotechnology operates the first dedicated bio-incubator in New Zealand.

  • NZ leading in migraine research
    22 July 2019
    Recent breakthroughs in treatment with a new class of drugs that, for the first time, prevent migraine rather than treat it after the fact, have been life-changing for many people but they don’t work for everyone.
  • Kiwis pilot maggot farm
    26 June 2019
    A Kiwi venture which uses maggots to process waste into fertiliser and chicken feed has set up its first treatment plant in India.
  • Predator of NZ's tiniest bird
    25 June 2019
    Two University of Auckland PhD students have discovered New Zealand’s smallest bird has a fearsome predator, the long-tailed cuckoo, something scientists hadn’t known until now.