Untidy gardeners needed for a wild Auckland

07 September 2017
Dr Margaret Stanley, School of Biological Sciences with a grey warbler, or riroriro, sitting on her finger
Dr Margaret Stanley

Dr Margaret Stanley studies the effects of human impacts on ecosystems.

What she sees happening in Auckland at the moment could be depressing to such a researcher – especially in the wake of what she calls 'The Great Chainsaw Massacre' – where residents appear to be taking full advantage of the lifting of Resource Management Act tree protection provisions in 2012 and are chopping down every specimen that has ever annoyed them.

Instead she urges Auckland's gardeners to stop putting plants behind impermeable borders and raking up leaves and instead sneak in more biodiversity.

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Attend Dr Stanley's lecture, 'Wild Auckland: How liveable is the city for nature and people?' on Wednesday 13 September, 2017.