School of Biological Sciences

Computer labs

Computers for student usage can be found in the Kate Edger Information Commons and Building 303.

The School of Biological Sciences students can access computers and study areas spread over 5 levels at the Kate Edger Information Commons. 

Level 0
98 computers, Group study (talking permitted)

Level 1 
37 study desks, Silent individual study (talking not permitted)
English Language Enrichment (ELE)
Research Support Services

Level 2 
150 computers, Individual study (quiet talking permitted), Computer training room 213
IC Helpdesk
Disabilities Resource Room

Level 3
150 computers, Silent individual study (talking not permittted)
Student Learning Centre

Level 4
150 study desks, Silent individual study (talking not permitted), Computer Training Rooms 431 and 433
Meeting Room 419
Seminar Room 420
Library Learning Services

Science Drop-in computer labs
Building 303S
Room 191

Building 303S
Room G91

For more information, Please visit Kate Edger Information Commons.